How to deposit money on Quotex?

Quotex deposit methods


When you have understood and have gained knowledge from the demo account of the Quotex trading platform, well now it’s time to use real money by depositing and making profits. Investing money in this Quotex trading platform is easy after you know about the payment method allowed in your nation you can do transactions smoothly and instantly.


How to deposit money in Quotex using desktop


I am going to share the steps with you so that it will be easier for you to understand.




After opening the Quotex home page then select the deposit button, which is on the right side of the home page.





 After clicking on the deposit button you will see many banks. Select the bank where you have an account, by which you want to deposit your money, and make the transactions for trading.





Now as you have chosen your bank, enter the payable amount then hit the deposit button below.





  Now I have told you how to deposit your money in Quote. I guess I have explained the process step by step. I hope your concept is clear. I expect after starting treading you will perform excellently, best of luck with your trending career ahead.

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